Kingaspoides  Hupe 1953

The genus Kingaspoides can be identified by an effaced glabella, however, unlike Kingaspis the glabella is visibly separate from the rest of the cephalon. The glabella of Kingaspis is not visibly separate from the rest of the cephalon (head).  The frontal border (anterior border) of Kingaspoides is also visibly convex like Kingaspis unlike Ornamentaspis, a key feature.  There are several Kingaspoides genus with varying degrees of cephalic convexity. The difference between Kingaspoides and Ornamentaspis has to do with the convexity of the cephalon (i.e. the latter is less convex than Kingaspoides).  

The illustration of various Ellipsocephalidae cephalons show generally what to look for when deciphering the different species.  This should help with identifying the salient differences, but differences between genus and sub-genus types are more difficult to discern and rely heavily on the preservation of small details.  For example, the Kingaspoides genus below is different from the Kingaspoides c.f. neglectus genus: this specimen is more effaced and convex than Ornamentaspis, but much less convex than neglectus though it is a Kingaspoides.  However, the details are not sufficient for me to discern the genus types of these two particular Kingaspoides specimens.




Kenjiro 2009.5.10 (Edited 2019.11.18)