Kymataspis arenosa Geyer 1990

A genus characterized by a somewhat raised palpebral lobes that match the height of the glabella. The glabella is somewhat effaced and smooth, however distinct and is tapered in front. The preglabellar field is wide and distinct. A small trilobite up to 25mm in length.



Below is a remarkably preserved and prepped example of two Kymataspis trilobites, the left one still having the free cheeks and genal spines attached.  They look Ornamentaspis-like but the covexity of the trilobites with the higher palpebral lobes in comparison to the glabella, and the glabellar shape, wider at the base (posterior) than the top (anterior) confirmed them to be Kymataspis.


Photo below shows the close-up of the cephalon including the free cheeks and genal spine.

Photo below shows the details of the pygidium and thorax of the specimen on the right.


Kenjiro 2012.6.14 (Edited 2015.6.8)