Protolenus (Hupeolenus) hupei

Hupeolenus sub-genus of Protolenus is characterized by a wide anterior border on the cephalon.  The glabella has sub-parallel sides.  The hupei species has a gently tapered glabella and rounded front.  Anterior border is wider than the pre-glabellar field.  Granules are apparent on the trilobite body.  In this specimen the genal spine is longer than on most Protolenus species.  The thorax is incomplete, but the cephalon shows enough detail to verify the type species.  From the Tinjad region, Morocco. Found mainly in the Hupeolenus zone and the Cephalopyge notabilis zone of the Lower middle Cambrian.

The photo above shows the very unique characteristics of this uncommon genus on the fossil market.  The broad anterior border is quite apparent as are the long sweeping genal spines.  The glabella in comparison to other Protolenines is small.  The photo below shows the convexity of the pre-glabellar field and the glabellar furrows from the side view quite well.  The palpebral lobes and eyes are not well preserved on this specimen.


Kenjiro 2015.6.5