Termierella (Termierella) cf. latifrons   Hupe 1953

The furrow that bifurcates the palpebral lobe is not as apparent in the Termierella as in Brevitermierella, though these also have a clear pre-glabellar field in front of the glabella.  However, unlike the T. Brevitermierella, Termierella has a shorter and wider glabella with the palpebral lobes that are wider distally from the glabella than in Brevitermierella. The specimen shows all the characteristics of this genus on the well preserved cranidium.  There is a very faint parafrontal band, but it lacks the genal spines.  In some ways it resembles the cranidium of the Protolenus, but unlike the latter the Termierella has a distinct and wide pre-glabellar field and is generally smaller in size, but the glabella has a similar appearance.


When T.Termierella was originally described by Hupe in 1953 they were considered as similar to the Protolenus, Myopsolenus and Hamatolenus genus.  There is a distinct difference between these and the other Ellipsocephalidae such as Ornamentaspis, Kingaspoides and Kymataspis.